Where can I buy Morrow product?

Please go to the Dealer Locator to find the nearest Morrow Authorized Dealer.

Where can I find a specific item I want to buy?

You may visit your nearest Morrow Authorized Dealer to find out if it is possible to place a special order.PLEASE NOTE: Calling Morrow Customer Service to search where the item you want is still in stock is not currently possible with our system.If it is an older item that you are looking to purchase, you'll have to search for it online (at e-bay for example). Morrow does not keep stock on old inventory.

What snowboard model and size are right for me?

There are a number of factors which come into play when choosing a snowboard. Skill level, where you ride, what kind of riding you do, height, weight and even shoe size can all play a role. Your local dealer can help you choose a board that is right for you.

Can I order Morrow product via the website or through the catalog?

Due to our current distribution philosophy, we do not sell product either through the Morrow catalog or the Morrow website. Snowboarding is a technical and service intensive sport, which Morrow could not support entirely on its own without the specialty snowboard shops of the world. So for now, we choose to only sell product through Morrow Authorized Dealers. you may locate your nearest physical Morrow Dealer whether in the U.S., Canada or beyond by using the Dealer Locator.